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    Service support

    SOWELL Machinery customer service system:
    We provide you with a perfect customer service system, since pre-sale, production process, after-sale all-round to provide you with real-time service!

    Pre sale service:
    1- Factory visits, preparatory research reports
    2- Put forward the best solution according to the actual situation of customers.
    3- Carries out technical communication with customers, talks and solves difficult points.
    4- Determine final production implementation plan

    Equipment production process:
    1- Timely feedback production progress to customers according to production schedule.
    2- Invites customers to inspect and inspect the production process.
    After the production of 3- equipment, customers will be invited to field test to check the quality of products.

    After-sale service:
    1- Provides customers with one year free warranty, free replacement of parts with quality problems.
    2- Dispatched engineers to the customers for equipment installation, commissioning, technical guidance and personnel training.
    3- Carries on the permanent preservation to the customer product data through the ISO quality authentication management system, may trace
    4- Regularly visits customers, puts forward equipment maintenance suggestions, and provides the latest technology update support.
    Service support
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