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TURBO-6L Full Servo High-Speed Blow Molding machine 6-cavity 7,000BPH

TURBO-6L High-Speed Blow Molding Machine, 6-cavity, suitable for PET bottles max. 2000ml, capacity 7,000BPH. 


Fully Electrical, Higher Output, Lower Power Consumption


TURBO Series High Speed Blow Molding Machine is high speed model independly developed by our company’s R&D group. It is 4thgeneration of our FULL SERVO Linear High-Speed Blow Molding Machine. After long-term production test, it can stably achieve capacity 10,000BPH with 6-cavity model, which makes Full Electrical, Higher Output, Lower Power Consumption into reality


Four Servo, leads to fully servo coverage. 

a.    Preform Feeding System;

b.    Preform Transfer System;

c.    Mold Clamping System;

d.    Stretch System.  


Four Main Features:

a.     Selectable Configuration: 

After our comprehensively consideration of production stability and economy, we designed this series with two sets of configuration: French Schneider and Chinese Xinjie. Customers can choose either one. 

b.     Precisely control, High efficiently output: 

The motion control system with servo system as the core, integrates the whole machine action and precisely controls the action time to achieve perfect cooperation. Movements speed are 2 times faster. Meanwhile, it reduces impact and wear between parts and extends machine life.

c.     Easy to operation:

Overall computer control, easy to operate.

Mold fixing by Drawer Design, makes Al. mold changeover work can be easily done in half hour. 

d.     Safe & Stable.

Fully enclosed safety door system, maximize operator safety. 

Multi-point photoelectric detection, protect Positioning System, Clamping System and Stretch System.

Machine Model



 6,000~7,000 BPH


 6 cavities
 Bottle Spec.  Neck size  18-38mm
 Max. Bottle Size  2000ml
 Max. Bottle Diameter  105 mm
 Max. Bottle Height  330 mm
 Power Spec.  Lamp qty.  32 PCS
 Heating Area  6
 Heating Consumption 50 KW 
 General Rate Power 102 KW 
 High Pressure Air Consumption  6.4 m3/min
 Machine Dimensions  Main Machine  4800*2150*2400mm
 Preform Auto-loader  1900*1200*2300mm
 Machine Weight  Main Machine  5800 KGS
 Preform Auto-loader  300 KGS
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