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Talent idea

The talent of the nation

Creating a fair competitive environment, selecting and appointing talents by performance and ability, attracting talents from different levels, channels and all directions, respecting talents, cultivating talents, building learning and practice platforms for employees, so as to make the best use of talents and realize the rapid growth of talents.

Respect for the ability of Fu

The core of Songwei Machinery‘s talent outlook is to respect every employee and think that every employee is a useful talent. Everyone has his own strengths. Songwei Machinery is to let his employees give full play to their strengths here, do the work that suits him best, and give full power to employees, and give full play to their greatest potential. Participate in management and achieve personal and corporate growth.

Germany can do the same

To cultivate talents, we should integrate "character" and "ability". Morality and ability are the criteria to measure talents. Both of them are indispensable. Only with excellent moral character and outstanding ability can we become excellent talents of machinery.

Multidimensional development

Songwei Machinery should guide and encourage employees to make career planning. According to the development needs of enterprises and their own characteristics, Songwei Machinery should choose different ways to become talented so as to achieve its own life value while creating achievements for enterprises.
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