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    Corporate Culture

    Sowell offers you a complete set of professional bottle blowing solutions

    S    –   Service

    O   –   Oriented

    W  –   Whole set

    E   –   Efficiency

    L   –   Low consumption

    L      Line

    Sowell Machinery adheres to customer service oriented, committed to providing customers with a complete set of efficient and energy-saving bottle blowing production line.

    Customer Needs Oriented

    Customer‘s demand is the direction of our efforts. Sowell Machinery designs the most suitable model according to the special requirements of customers and provides complete and appropriate services. Focus on technology research and development, create higher technology products, and continue to develop all-electric models to meet the market demand of environmental protection and energy saving. Actively promoting all-electric models not only has the characteristics of low pollution, low energy consumption, low noise, high precision and stability, but also has the characteristics of high efficiency and multi-function, which can fully meet the needs of the bottle industry at home and abroad.

    Improve production efficiency and save production cost

    Sowell Machinery is committed to all-electric machinery, not only fully automated, but also energy-saving, high-speed and precision characteristics, suitable for multi-hole production, improve competitiveness.For all kinds of PET containers, the capacity ranges from 200 ml to 20L, we will provide suitable models for customers to choose.We will actively develop multi-point computers, develop multi-functional machines, fully meet the investment plans of small and medium-sized enterprises, take customer needs as the orientation, and insist on innovative research and development to catch up with the international advanced level.

    Customized Service, Dare to Challenge

    SowellMachinery has been constantly challenged to produce customized machines for the special needs of customers, accumulated experience and technical research and development, won the praise and trust of customers.Looking forward to the future, Sowellwill win with excellent quality and leading technology to create higher-tech products to meet the ever-changing market demand.

    Sowell Machinery‘s marketing focuses on improving the market competitiveness and profitability of customers.

    We sincerely look forward to your advice, so that we have more opportunities to serve you.We firmly believe that your criticism and advice are the main driving force for Sowell Machinery to move forward. Thank you very much for sharing the fruits of our efforts.

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